Artist's Statement:

    Having lived in many countries and several continents over the course of my life, I have always used art to express my feelings and to transcend cultural barriers. By acquiring new artistic skills and developing dexterity in various techniques, I find innovative ways to engage my creative impulses.

    I harbor particular interest in several artistic subjects. I took a sixteen-day journey across the Atlantic on a cargo vessel that became caught in a Tropical Storm. The ship lost control during this intense and unsettling experience. It contrasted greatly with the tranquility I usually experienced sitting on the bridge of the ship at night. Those moments allowed me to truly feel the other worldliness and immensity of the ocean. Seeing these vastly different portrayals of the ocean and experiencing nature's grandeur is humbling, and I became intrigued by vast spaces, both physical and emotional.

    I use the physical process of mixed media, drawing, collage and print making to link sensations and memories of my experiences into a series of visual images. I attempt to recreate the illusive space where memories and dreams collide with the concrete world. I consider these pieces akin to a net trying to capture fleeting moments, and learning new approaches to art will enable me to uncover creative ways to deal with these feelings.

    Through the physical process of making art, I try to exercise the mind and body. I am attracted to the potential for fragmentation in our inner and outer experience: I look beneath and beyond the patterns and shapes that inscribe our fragile environments and that permeate our inner selves.

    - Dominica Coulson


  • Education:
  • MFA - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, USA
  • BA in Fine Arts, Printmaking - Brighton University, England
  • BA in East European Studies - University of Sheffield, England
  • Exchange Student - Alfred University - New York state, USA
  • Exchange Student - Charles University - Prauge, Czech Republic
  • Academy of the Fine Arts - Prauge, Czech Republic
  • Exchange Student - Russian Language Undergraduate Studies Consortium - St Petersburg, Russia

  • Past Art Experience:
  • Philagrafika - International Center for Contemporary Printmaking - Philadelphia, USA
  • Muriel Arts - Philadelphia, USA
  • Teacher's Assistant - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - Philadelphia, USA
  • Artist Placement - Academy of Fine Arts - Warsaw, Poland
  • Art Instructor - Dom Dzecka - Warsaw, Poland
  • Printmaking Instructor - Saumur, France
  • Artist Collective - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • First Prize, Juried Art competition, World Food Day - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Italy, Rome